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Leke 'Things I See & Hear'
'Things I See and Hear' is the most personal song from recording artist. Written this a few years ago when he was in the thick of addiction and guilt... read more>
Luv'Rell 'Room For One'
The silky and sensual sounds adorned with the risqué scenery invites the listener to pure tones, and a tasteful and minimalistic music video.... read more>
Hayley Cassidy 'Still Stay'
A relevant anthem for both men and women ‘Still Stay’ is the perfect combination of a gritty, empowering and relatable track... read more>
Hayley Cassidy 'Stripped'
Yet again, Hayley Cassidy proves her ability to mesh the current sounds of R&B with the sweet tones of Neo Soul in her latest single. Now play listed on BET’s 106... read more>
Lyrical Soldier 'Believer'
Multi-award winning rapper Lyrical Soldier presents a refreshing take on hip-hop in his music video ‘Believer’. The home-grown talent gives his audience a daringly... read more>
Presha J Ft Leke 'Throw It In The Air'
Presha J, a rapper in the dynamic movement that is WriteWay Music, partners with fellow member, Leke, to showcase his single ‘Throw It In the Air’... read more>